Pinnacle Values

Toronto Home Care Service – Pinnacle Care Health Services

Integrity: Honesty and accountability  are highly valued characteristics we look for in members of our team. We uphold strict policies to ensure our practitioners are providing accurate information to clients and that they obtain informed consent prior to commencing treatment. We expect members of our team to act responsibly and think critically when providing treatment.

Human Dignity: We believe that human life is sacred and human dignity is something that cannot be earned nor taken away. Each and every person has value and is worthy of honour and great respect for who they are, not just for what they can do.

Compassion: We approach all individuals and their circumstances with sensitivity and we are motivated to alleviate physical, mental, and emotional pains with patience and warmth.

Understanding: Our genuine sympathy towards people and their individual circumstances enables us to use our active listening skills to fully understand the people in our care and to create a unique, individualized approach for each and every client.

Community: All individuals have a certain degree of social ties to the communities they belong to which are important to their identity. The identity of the community as a whole is also dependent on each individual that is a part of it. With this understanding, our business model is based on providing services in our clients’ homes because we want to establish a strong foundation for the communities they belong to.